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N!CK ́S offers great tasting alternatives 
that taste as great as sweet options 
today without the sugar and carbs to help 
consumers live a healthier life.
Join our fight on sugar!

N!CK'S website

Our sole purpose as a company is to make it easy 
for people to turn what they eat and drink into 
personal moments of healthy joy without recklessly 
taxing the planet’s resources in the process
Oatly website

MATSMART helps reducing food waste by selling 
food at a lower price, that otherwise should
have been thrown away. A great solution for
your wallet and for the environment. 

Matsmart website

NOA is a great tasting functional beverage with natural
herbs and flavors inspired by Scandinavian nature. 
Free from preservatives, artificial flavor and coloring!

NOA website

Banks and other financial players have for a 
long time been taking unreasonably a lot of 
money from individuals wanting to save or 
loan capital. Now there is a fairer solution. 
BROCC creates a fair finance movement by 
helping you to get rid of unfair middle hands.

BROCC website

A game-changing & patented paper bag that can keep goods 
chilled and frozen for up to 24h. iFB´s mission is to 
contribute to a better and more sustainable world by 
offering consumers and business cost-effective, 
environmentally friendly and durable packaging solutions.

ifoodbag website
Welcome App

Welcome makes it super easy for refugees and 
locals to chat, meetup and hangout. 
It’s a great and positive exchange that happens 
when people begin to meet across country borders.

WelcomeApp website
Welcome App
Good Idea Drinks

Good Idea™ – The Swedish Sugar Buster may help 
those with normal blood sugar levels handle 
the sugar spike following a meal. What it means? 
Well, simply that having Good Idea™ – 
The Swedish Sugar Buster with your food might 
be a small, yet important step towards a better 
lifestyle. It´s positive lifestyle change made easy!

Good Idea website

Good Idea Drinks

Advanced Oats- Innovative liquid oat ingredients. 
Glucanova AB provides a liquid oat ingredient range 
with special emphasis on oat bran and whole grain 
oats. Our mission is to be a flexible B2B partner 
providing services from early R&D to the supply of 
ingredients all the way to development and contract 
manufacturing through co-packers of final consumer 

Glucanova website

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